U.S. Department of Transportation Covering Up Tesla Safety Issues?

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U.S. Department of Transportation Covering Up Tesla Safety Issues?

By John Connerly

Erick Strickland was the head of Automotive Safety for the Obama Administration. For years he had received written reports on the tremendous and potentially lethal safety issues of two of Obama’s biggest campaign financiers: General Motors and Tesla Motors. He, and his office did absolutely nothing about these dangers because the White House said it would “embarrass” the White House’s campaign financiers.

People died because of this.

When Strickland was told that the cover-up was going to go public. He quit 48 hours later.

The GM airbag and ignition switch issues then went public and some of the Tesla fires began to be disclosed.

Those were only a few of the dangers.

For over five years, a number of companies have been sending written notices to the U.S. Department of Transportation via the DOT Press Office, the Inspector General and the GAO.

These written notices informed the DOT of over 42 known and potentially deadly safety issues with the Tesla Motors cars.

At no time over the last five years did any party from DOT reply to the providers of these safety tips.

It seems as if the DOT does not want to have to do their job.

Worse; it seems as if the DOT wants to cover up Tesla safety issues in order to protect the White House’s Silicon Valley campaign finance billionaires, who all own parts of Tesla and Tesla’s suppliers.

Many of the people submitting safety defect issues were Tesla owners and Tesla factory workers.

If you are an agency that gets a safety tip you are supposed to investigate the safety issue ASAP. Every tipster that I spoke to said that they clearly stated that they had more information to provide DOT and that it was obvious that their letters were incomplete and that DOT needed to contact them for more information and follow-up. In no case did DOT contact them or follow-up.

It is now widely documented that Elon Musk got tens of billions of dollars from the Obama White House and that he is somehow involved in financing Obama’s campaign. The details are dark and sticky.

No matter what, though, to put the lives of American taxpayers at risk because a public hazard will make for some awkward moments is a crime.

DOT officials are as guilty of the deaths as any defective circuit in any Tesla.

When will these cover-ups end?

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