The United States Government Assigned My Team, and I, a Mission…

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The United States Government Assigned My Team, and I, a Mission…


We were asked, by the U.S. Congress, and federal executives, as shown in the Congressional Records, our emails, contracts and public FOIA documents, to build a powerful new technology that had never existed before. In working on this project, I was, personally, required to sign a document stating that “I would not use the technology to build nuclear weapons.”  

As you will see from any reading of the case of Alexander Litvinenko (ie: ), Madame Curie  (ie: )  and the documents in the cases by Erin Brokovitch (ie: ) ; the tiniest particles of the substances used for energy work, will kill you: Either quickly, or slowly. Like us, none of these people were fully informed of the dangers they were about to face.

In the case of batteries, we now find out that huge numbers of workers, in China, and other regions are dead, because they were exposed to the dust of the deadly chemicals that comes from making lithium ion and related batteries. Tens of thousands of other workers are suffering from horrible brain damage, lung damage, liver damage and other slow effects of metallic poisonings. The towns near these battery factories were poisoned to death by an invisible scourge that they never saw coming.

Those of us who worked at Sandia National Laboratories, Savanah National Laboratories and Argonne National Laboratories have now discovered, thanks to network news journalists who discovered a number of secret videos, that those laboratories lied to us. They were making videos documenting, and verifying, the deadly danger of the materials we were working with, while having us work with those materials only one, or two, buildings away from where they were documenting the deadly and dangerous nature of these materials. They knew! They knew we were being exposed and that the material was deadly. We were never told we MUST use full body HAZMAT suits with breathing apparatus.

Like Mr. Litvinenko, some of us reported the concerns and some of us got very poisoned. Some of us got DEAD!

The poisonings were not obvious, at first. Unlike Litvinenko, Steven Chu did not invite us for tea and slip a drop of plutonium in our cup when we were not looking. The cause and effect, though, is clear.

Did some of us get poisoned because we spoke out? Did some of us have to die because we sued the Department of Energy, to try to seek justice; only to get stone-walled, lied to and to watch that justice fritter away…?

In recent investigations, the public has seen hundreds of thousands of pages of material showing how the Obama Administration left veterans to languish, die and deteriorate, as an intentional decision to save money and increase management profit. It is clear that our tale of horror is not unique, it is routine.

It seems like some White House people hire their agency heads with a phone call that must go something like: “Hi, Eric Holder, Steven Chu, etc… we want you to run the Department of Corruption and resign as soon as we get caught again, but we will give you a million dollars’ worth of insider trading stock so you will make huge bucks from being our scape-goat of the week…OK?”

Steven Chu did this to us. He is a scientist and a physicist and he knew what he was doing. He knew the dangers and he acted out of self-interest and profit. The people that nominated, promoted, and told Steven Chu what to do, owned the mining deals for these dangerous chemicals and materials. They killed and injured American’s physically, emotionally, and financially in order to line their own pockets.

Just because Steven Chu was asked to hit the street does not mean he didn’t make out like a bandit. He left to go straight to his pre-arranged cush-job in Silicon Valley and hang out with the very people that put him in power, and drive his nice car to his nice house, and count his stock market kickback checks all the way to the bank, every week.

Political rape and experimenting on your staff does seem to have its rewards.






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