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IDEA: Since it is impossible to undertake even the earliest stages of a Department of Energy funding application without a huge government law firm running the entire communication and watch-dogging process with DOE, why not provide funding offsets for applicants who can’t afford the $350,000.00+ set of legal and lobby fees required to apply to the DOE? 98% of U.S. domestic invention and innovation has, historically come from under 5 person companies who could never afford $350,000.00 legal fees for funding applications.

Since the DOE serves the people of America, and it is a disservice to America to exclude innovation, and technological improvement, It seems essential to assist American innovators who can’t afford epic legal application services. It also puts America at security and economic risk to have a taxpayer funded program which threatens domestic security and economic opportunity by helping domestic adversaries gain the advantage. Darryl Siry, Tesla’s ex-marketing head says it well in this article:

In Role as Kingmaker, the Energy Department Stifles Innovation

Further to the above:  THE VENTURE CAPITOL CARTEL worked with Department of Energy Staff, particularly Steven Chu, the Head of the DOE, to black list applicants that competed against applicants who were their friends. In other words, a deal was made between Steven Chu’s people and the technology VC’s so that neither DOE, nor the VC’s would fund any company who competed with Fisker or Tesla, the Cartel’s insider babies. Congress and the FBI need to get in the mix here and fix this broken part of the system.





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