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How Google Steals Ideas From Entrepreneurs By Sarah Dunn and Anthony Harvard§ 17203%5D—Class+Action+%5BCode+Civ.+Proc.+§ 382%5D+for+Unfair+Acts+or+Practices+%5BBus.+%26+Prof.+Code+§ 17200%5D&ecomp=499fk&prid=ac43d6aa-cfbb-43b3-b912-c1c4233a9cf1

How Larry Page’s Obsessions Became Google’s Business, New York Times

The Guardian UK investigative news series on Google

The European Union lawsuits and investigative reports against Google

Sony Hack Documents,

The White House’s roster is starting to resemble Google’s list of former employees by Jeanne Kim

At The White House “You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Google employee” by Robert Evans

http://departmentof,news-977.html–518494711 (Search Limnia Vs. DOE)

Google Ventures & the lesson of V-Vehicle, by Katie Fehrenbacher

V-Vehicle: Local governments pledge $15M, If feds funds start-up by Josie Garthwaite

Europe’s Top Digital-Privacy Watchdog Zeros In on U.S. Tech Giants by Mark Scott

In TV Show “House of Cards”, fictional “PollyHop” does what Google actually did do to rig election results and steer government funds by Carl Vinsoni and Deborah Alize

Disclosure: All of the material in this document has previously been provided to all pertinent law enforcement authorities, Congressional investigators, EU investigators and State Attorney General offices. Portions of this material were provided to Plaintiffs by those same parties. Material from multiple public leaks and hacker incursions may be legally used by attorneys in this case. Relevant law enforcement surveillance data of illicit activities, by Defendants, is known to exist and be subpoena option capable.


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