Apple Stores all of Your Text Messages And Hands Them Out To Anybody Who Is Mad At You

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Apple Tracks your iMessage Conversations (And Shared that Data with Law Enforcement)


When your making a conversation on iMessage you’re not fully secured. Apple is keeping that data into their servers and sharing that data with law enforcement. And you’re thinking your having a safe conversation which your not!

According to new The Intercept reveled documents, Apple store your log into their servers and sort them according to date/time and locations. It even record which phone numbers your typing into message for conversations and track your location with IP address. When you type message on your iPhone if the iMessage is enabled. It route a given message over the iMessage system.


End-to-end encryption doesn’t mean that your message are secured enough to hide from everyone. But now Apple not even store your information for there use it even now share your information with Law Enforcement via court orders.


The Intercept reports.

“Apple records each query in which your phone calls home to see who’s in the iMessage system and who’s not,”

Apple Logs your IP Address

It’s hard to believe that Apple itself positioned as a staunch defender of its user privacy by refusing federal officials to provide backdoors into their devices, over its users information on iMessage contacts under such warrants. The report also points out that keeping logs of users IP address that could be used to reveal one’s actual location is contrary to Apple’s 2013 claim that the company “do not store data related to customers’ location.”

If you have enabled iCloud Backup on your Apple devices to keep a backup of your data, the copies of all your messages, photographs and every important data stored on your device, are encrypted on iCloud using a key controlled by Apple, and not you.

So your still vulnerable by Apple, they can still read your message’s and everything even through End-to-end encryption.


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