An Open Letter To The FBI

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An Open Letter To The FBI


John Doerr, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, and certain other Silicon Valley billionaires, formed a

Cartel to stage a financial kick-back scheme with The White House.

In exchange for stock transfers, funding DNC campaigns and manipulating web and search engine

data for those campaigns, including those of Obama, Reid and Feinstein, they received certain

federal favors using taxpayer money.

They received exclusive contracts, exclusive grants, exclusive tax waivers, exclusive stock

market manipulations, exclusive protection by the Fed and The White House, protection from DOJ on

orders from the White House, exclusive tax credits, exclusive discounted real estate, free jet

fuel, sabotage of their competitors, exclusion of their competitors from the same benefits, and

other criminally corrupt benefits at the expense of the taxpayers. These actions cost American’s

jobs, innovation superiority, global market position, and credibility.

Additionally, this Cartel of technology executives, are connected with one of the largest on-

record sets of in White House lobbying efforts, for their investment portfolios, ever documented.

Additionally, a large number of mysterious deaths (Motwani, Conley, Bird, Tata, etc.) involving

third parties, connected to this Cartel, are under investigation.

Additionally, the members of this Cartel bugged the communications of, and planted mole sabotage

people inside of, competing companies to shut them down.

The Head of the DOJ, Eric Holder and the head of the Energy Department, Steven Chu, both of whom

ran scams on behalf of these technology executives, were personal associates of these technology

executives and nominated for office by them.

All of the financial dealings, benefits, and never-before-in-history exclusive contract awards

demonstrate a very clear, indisputable organized crime activity. Their actions have cost American

taxpayers over a trillion dollars in losses from the U.S. Treasury.

While it may be inconvenient, and embarrassing, to arrest people that work at the White House,

this matter has now been covered, so extensively, in the news, that it has become obvious, and

embarrassing to certain federal agencies for their failure to take any action. The longer any law

enforcement organization follows the old orders to “look the other way”, the more the credibility

of the entire system is damaged.

Elliot Ness would have busted these people no matter who they were. Nobody is untouchable. Mr.

James Comey, of the FBI, stated on 60 Minutes that he will take “ANY” criminal down, no matter

how high up they are. If there is no justice and if the criminally corrupt can ride roughshod

over the law, then we have no credibility of the justice system left. Mr. Comey, show us your

inner Elliot Ness!

We look forward to the manifestation of that intent.


The American Taxpayers

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